Hard Work Equals Success

…Until It Doesn’t

Based in the Pacific Northwest – Reaching Clients Globally

Are you battling burnout and struggling to find time for yourself?

Does your inner critic run the show?

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you forget who you are?

Hi, I’m Lori

I’ve devoted my coaching practice to helping my clients step into their power and find their authentic selves. If you’re ready to improve your work-life balance, reduce stress, boost joy, and cultivate curiosity, you’re in the right place.
How do I know? Because I was once exactly where you are. I was a burnt-out executive held back and run down by pressure and a lack of connection. Reclaiming my authentic self gave me the courage and confidence to pursue my dream of becoming a Certified Integral Coach. Today, it is an honor to guide my clients on their own transformative journeys of self-discovery.

What does it look like to abandon burnout and embrace authenticity?


Overwhelm & Self-doubt
Negative Inner critic
Imposter syndrome
Stagnant output
Communication Breakdown


Work/Life Balance
Positive Personal Growth
Courage & Authenticity
Imperfect Action
Optimized Performance
speaking your truth

Your journey begins with a free, no-obligation consult.

nurtured my natural leadership style

“Intuitive, Responsive, Caring and a great listener. These are the words I would describe for Lori. Right from our first session, we clicked and she became my sounding board on the mental challenges I had always had with my professional outlook. Lori encouraged and nurtured my natural leadership style and gave me credible and sound guidance on how I can further grow as a person and a professional.”

–Ameet Contractor, Unybrands

personalized plan

“Lori was a great coach. Her personalized plan not only taught me a lot about myself, but it also pushed me outside of my comfort zone, forcing me to grow within my personal and professional life! Highly recommend!!” – Cody G.

best coach out there

“Lori is just one of those people you feel connected to instantly.  She listens, is open, honest, and real.  She did my Enneagram, and I didn’t like what I was hearing.  I burst into tears.  She then helped me understand why.  She’s probably the best coach out there and will help you move past your own self-induced roadblocks.  I can’t recommend her enough!”
– Jennifer Boulanger

amazing coach

Lori is an amazing coach and I’m grateful for the time that she spent (and will continue to spend) working with me and helping me understand myself better.
–Julie Hamilton, Managing Director, Deloitte

true ability to guide

“Lori has a true ability to guide individuals in discovering themselves and what it is they need.” 
– Jill DeGreen

Purpose and Outcomes

“Signing up for coaching was in part an exercise in curiosity. What is coaching all about? After our in-take session, Lori built a solid program for me to follow. Her listening skills, feedback, and gentle nudges kept me focused and moving towards attaining my Purpose and Outcomes. I am thankful to have invested in the coaching program and recommend to anyone wanting to reach new levels of self-awareness.” –Dawn Yadron, Marketing & Advertising

results-driven, actionable, and heart-centered

“Lori’s leadership as a coach is results-driven, actionable, and heart-centered. I left with actionable tools that I can use to make my life and relationships, both personally and professionally, more intentional.”
– Carolyn Paola, Business Professional

Working with Lori has truly been an awakening

“Working with Lori has truly been an awakening. Lori’s guidance, coaching, kindness, and patience helped to bring me through a substantially difficult period in my life, reminding me of who I am and reinforcing my courage to move forward.”
– Lori Luppino, Healthcare industry


Lori enabled me to be vulnerable

“Lori enabled me to be vulnerable, yet I always felt completely safe.  Bringing out emotional toxins cleared the way for healing, inspiration, and motivation.  Lori’s authenticity, genuine caring, and generosity with her gifts have been a huge part of my journey.”

– Christine, Computer Software Industry


Blog Posts

A collection of stories, prompts for self-discovery, and success stories from clients I’ve worked with.

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