Enneagram Team Workshop

Teams are fundamental to organizational success but often prove challenging to understand, align, and develop. The Enneagram helps individuals and teams gain greater awareness of their core motivations, fears, and strengths in order to deepen team trust, connection, and synergy.

In this workshop, you’ll receive tools and insights to promote transformational strategies and nurture optimal team effectiveness. Emphasis may be placed on improved leadership development, teamwork, communication, and productivity. This training can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Your Enneagram team report & workshop will help your team to:


Support a full team journey


Build trust


Move from conflict to collaboration


Harness diversity


Receive customized development tips


Create sustainable change

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Your Intentional Year:
A One-Day Women’s Retreat

Now more than ever it is vital that we give ourselves time to reflect, renew, and step into the New Year with wholehearted clarity. In this one-day online retreat, we will deepen our connections with each other as we gather to share inspiration, support, and encouragement. Your insights, hopes, and lessons from this past year of monumental change have the power to unite and inspire. Our time together will center around companionship and setting clear intentions that we can bring to life in the months ahead.

Your welcome kit will include journal prompts as well as Soulful Women’s Cards, a guided meditation to tap into your heart space, and make room for supportive growth. I hope that you will walk away from the day feeling nourished, connected, and better equipped to step into the New Year with clarity and potential. What could be more important?

“The time spent with Lori was a calming and thought-provoking experience. Lori’s itinerary and execution is well rounded. After the retreat, I had a sense of inner peace and noticed that the anger I was carrying with me was gone. Working on myself with her guidance and insight is an ongoing process that I find necessary in order to be a better human, personally and professionally.”
Colleen Ando

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