Success Stories

“ Transformed people transform people.”

–Richard Rohr

Success Story: Owning Your Essential Truth

“Lori has been my coach at two different times over the past 3 years. We did our initial session over about 6 months and she really was able to pinpoint the areas of my life that I needed to focus on and overcome some old issues in order to really move forward as I wanted. I continue many of the practices still today that she and I discussed – daily journaling, stopping, and feeling what my body wants versus over analyzing everything in my mind, listening to my heart and what I really want – putting myself and my needs first, prioritizing self-care as it improves my relationships with others when I take care of myself. We recently completed another 3 months of coaching as I was entering a point in my career that I was going to make a significant change. I have just started this transition into finding my path, but Lori helped me get started by helping me understand my strengths, interests, and what excites me. Making a significant change in my career after 25 years of working in one industry will take time but I feel like Lori has given me the tools and the right mindset to continue on this path. She’s an amazing coach and I’m grateful for the time that she spent (and will continue to spend) working with me and helping me understand myself better.”  

– Julie Hamilton, Managing Director, Deloitte

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching Julie twice. Our first engagement focused on her capacity to sense and feel her emotions more often, letting go of the urge to ignore or push down. She also did a great deal of work on managing her stress levels and anxiety.

When we worked together again, it was amazing to witness that something had awakened in Julie. I sensed more vitality and vibrancy in her. She demonstrated more organic movement versus mechanical. She was in a fresh, new place and ready for innovation. There was also a beautiful acceptance of just being where she was at and not judging it. 

Julie started tapping into her inner knowledge of her own truth, noticing messages without judging herself, for what was next in her life. It came from deep within, not from someone else telling her or showing her what to do, and that included me, her coach. I was there to offer support and guidance. Julie did the deep hard work: tapping into YOURSELF! Finding out what you are deeply committed to and maintaining a level of self-care that allows for you to be present enough to listen to the universe and the messages collectively around you. Without any of it being muted or judged. 

Julie was able to truly manifest her work from coaching. With that, her main purpose came to life: you design and lead your life with purpose, passion, and joy; trusting it will be a life you will love!

Working with clients like Julie helps to remind me that I really do have the best job ever. To help people realize their essential truths is such an honor. Are you working towards discovering your own inner purpose? I’d love to hear your story.

Authentically Yours,

Lori Prutsman


The time spent with Lori was a calming and thought-provoking experience. Lori’s itinerary and execution are well-rounded. Spending the day with her gave me time to reflect and think about how I can be a better human.  After the retreat, I had a sense of inner peace and noticed that the anger I was carrying with me was gone.  I look forward to spending more of this valuable time with her as I realize that this is not a one-time transaction. Working on myself with her guidance and insight is an ongoing process that I find necessary in order to be a better human, personally and professionally.

–Colleen Ando, Creative Director | Evia Events


I’ve had the benefit and privilege of working with my coach Lori Prutsman.  Recently, she worked with me on my Enneagram.  It was amazing!  I felt like someone reached inside me and dissected things in the exact way that only I, subconsciously know.  The report was great, but Lori worked closely with me to really make meaning of everything, including a plan of action with goal setting.  I have started to journal along with a gratitude journal entry on an application each day.  The report you receive gives you a lot of information and very good practice examples for personal development. Lori helped me to break down and understand my personality and behavior traits and created a long term plan of action. 

I walked away knowing myself so much better: the good, the bad, and the ugly. She presents this all in a way that allows you to appreciate ALL of the things about yourself along with some suggestions of things to try to improve in areas that are identified.  Lori brought it all together by providing a safe, non-judgmental environment. I know she will always treat this information with respect and confidentiality. She continues to coach me providing ongoing check-ins as well as our regular sessions where we reflect on where we are, while encouraging me to celebrate my inner strengths. 

I highly recommend Lori Prutsman for coaching and also recommend the Enneagram assessment to deepen the coaching. In working with her, I will continue to grow with the opportunity of becoming my best self. –Julie Delano


“Lori invited me to attend a small group of powerful women earlier this year. She was able to guide me to identify visions and goals that I didn’t even know were waiting for me. She was able to draw out ideas, creativity, vision, and a passion that was stuck in my head and heart. Lori has a gift for leading women to find their deeper and more authentic calling. I am incredibly grateful to her for sharing herself and her talents with us. Because of her, I’m now building my business with confidence and deliberateness that I did not have before.”

– Dawn Yadron, Marketing & Advertising industry

“You were very patient and understanding of me. I appreciated the flexibility you showed when needed. I felt like you were a partner guiding me in growth rather than someone handing me a path and saying do this. The whole process felt organic and helpful.”
Karl Weinstein

“It’s not often that I have time to reflect on my life, accomplishments, and – most importantly – what I want. The one-day women’s retreat with Lori created a special space to explore and get in touch with what is in my heart and create actionable steps to achieve my goals. The day was full of activities to inspire, foster connection and sharing, and fuel personal discovery. I left feeling understood, empowered, and ready to take steps to create the life I want for myself.”

Business Owner and Mother

“I will be forever grateful for Lori’s compassion, wisdom, support, and guidance. Before her coaching program I was grieving the loss of my mother, disconnected from life, and unhealthy in body, mind, and spirit. With her support, I now have daily spiritual practices, am more energetic, creative, and positive, and have found the courage to come out of hiding and discover my gifts to share with the world.”

Karen R.

“Lori was a great coach. Her personalized plan not only taught me a lot about myself, but it also pushed me outside of my comfort zone, forcing me to grow within my personal and professional life! Highly recommend!!”
Cody G.

“Signing up for coaching was in part an exercise in curiosity. What is coaching all about? After our intake session, Lori built a solid program for me to follow. Her listening skills, feedback, and gentle nudges kept me focused and moving towards attaining my purpose and outcomes. I am thankful to have invested in the coaching program and recommend it to anyone wanting to reach new levels of self-awareness.”

Dawn Y.

Lori enabled me to be vulnerable, yet I always felt completely safe.  Bringing out emotional toxins cleared the way for healing, inspiration, and motivation.  Lori’s authenticity, genuine caring, and generosity with her gifts have been a huge part of my journey.”


Computer Software industry

“Lori’s leadership as a coach is results-driven, actionable, and heart-centered. I left with actionable tools that I can use to make my life and relationships, both personally and professionally, more intentional.”

Carolyn Paola

Business Professional

Working with Lori has truly been an awakening. Lori’s guidance, coaching, kindness, and patience helped to bring me through a substantially difficult period in my life, reminding me of who I am and reinforcing my courage to move forward.”

Lori Luppino

Healthcare industry