I’ve had the benefit and privilege of working with my coach Lori Prutsman.  Recently, she worked with me on my Enneagram.  It was amazing!  I felt like someone reached inside me and dissected things in the exact way that only I, subconsciously know.  The report was great, but Lori worked closely with me to really make meaning of everything, including a plan of action with goal setting.  I have started to journal along with a gratitude journal entry on an application each day.  The report you receive gives you a lot of information and very good practice examples for personal development. Lori helped me to break down and understand my personality and behavior traits and created a long term plan of action. 

I walked away knowing myself so much better: the good, the bad, and the ugly. She presents this all in a way that allows you to appreciate ALL of the things about yourself along with some suggestions of things to try to improve in areas that are identified.  Lori brought it all together by providing a safe, non-judgmental environment. I know she will always treat this information with respect and confidentiality. She continues to coach me providing ongoing check-ins as well as our regular sessions where we reflect on where we are, while encouraging me to celebrate my inner strengths. 

I highly recommend Lori Prutsman for coaching and also recommend the Enneagram assessment to deepen the coaching. In working with her, I will continue to grow with the opportunity of becoming my best self. –Julie Delano

Lori Prutsman

Lori Prutsman

The Burnout Coach

Burn out and imposter syndrome are some of the effects of chasing success through hard work alone. There is a better way! Authenticity based success is the key to work/life balance.